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The biggest Vespa-Event in the alps!


Please read through the details first! - Then register! - Here is the start!

Dear Vespista, dear Vespisti, we look forward to your registration for the 12. VESPA ALP DAYS 2021 in Zell am See!

• The participation fee for the main program / main days Thursday September 9th to Sunday September 12th 2021 is € 80, - (As in 2020 - despite increased and increased toll costs, no increase in the entry fee)

• There is a special one for the first 100 registrations (from 01.01.2021 - 00.00: 00) Special gift that cannot be purchased. The same applies here - pay the entry fee do not forget! (10 days!!)

• The entry fee includes Grias-Di-Sackerl, VAD21-T-Shirt, Glockner-Maut, Kitzbühler Horn toll, badge, pin, sticker, goulash soup snack on the Glockner, Xtra gift, souvenir photo pajama ride-out ...

• The Glockner toll voucher can also be used for purchases in the VAD shop (THU, FRI, SA) be used. Only on site - not digitally.

• The entry fee is generally forfeit and will not be returned in the event of non-participation, but decays. The exception in the year 2021 is our Corona guarantee, which is exactly included Points are defined here:


05.09. - 14.09.2021 - main days: 09.-12.09.2021

• Should the VESPA ALP DAYS 2021 from the main date in June must be moved to the replacement date in September, every registered participant has the right to cancel the registration and get 100% of the entry fee back!

• Should the VESPA ALP DAYS 2021 also cannot take place on the replacement date in September 2021, every registered participants gets back 100% of their entry fee!

• Can registered participants due to an official Order (exit, entry and traffic restrictions)  not arrive in Zell am See the will receive there entry fee 100% back!

• A registered participant cannot / does not want to take part in VAD 2021, and our Corona guarantee If this does not apply to him, he can have his Grias-Di bag from a friend at the check-in Have the check-in times picked up, or ask us to send it to him by parcel. For both We need information by email, which we may not receive later than May 25, 2021!

• Each participant must register INDIVIDUALLY!

• Each participant needs an OWN email address. Has an email address already been used for a VAD 2021 application, it cannot be specified a second time Registration system automatically rejects such a registration!

• When registering, the greatest possible accuracy is required, especially with the email address apply. If the email address is not entered correctly, you will not receive one Confirmation email etc. etc.

• If you are unsure about the T-shirt size - here you can find size tables UNISEX or LADIES:

T-Shirt Size Unisex
B&C E150-Unisex.pdf (35.94KB)
T-Shirt Size Unisex
B&C E150-Unisex.pdf (35.94KB)
T-Shirt Size Women
B&C E150-Women.pdf (35.88KB)
T-Shirt Size Women
B&C E150-Women.pdf (35.88KB)

• Our confirmation emails and also our info emails are sent via a mail server, if If the setting of your mail program is too strict, our mails can also end up in your SPAM - so please look through it carefully! - You will receive two confirmation emails - in the first email you have to send your Confirm registration again!

• All of our tours are in our wonderful mountain world in public transport, of course the Austrian road traffic regulations apply, and the orders of our VAD drivers are also ours Accompany trips, be sure to obey. 

• As in 2020, all Corona- All participants must strictly adhere to the regulations! 

• The complete entry fee is to be sent to us free of charge within 10 days of registration transfer: 

- Here are our bank details: 

FRANZ SCHMALZL - Raiffeisenbank Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Viehhofen 

IBAN: AT38 3505 200 003 108800 - 


Purpose: VAD2021 + your name 

If we do not receive a deposit within 10 days, we will delete the registration again! 

• In 2021 we have an absolute limit of only 1000 participants! 

• Our registration closes automatically when 1000 participants are reached or at the latest June 30th, 2021. Later registration is not possible! 

• If you are at a Vespa Club, please enter the club name correctly! Vespa Club is abbreviated to VC. Only correctly and identically registered club names can be summarized for the club evaluation that there are prizes for the biggest clubs! 

• If you are chairman or president of your club, you will be invited to the mayor's reception. 

To do this, contact Franz by email: 

Please send proof in the mail! 

• Of course we will do the fantastic club poster again in 2021 - with all the club logos on it. In format A3 and A1. ONE from the club sends the club logo to Franz by email to: Please only one and each logo only once. Thanks! - File formats: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, PNG 

• All XTRA tours can easily be booked here using the form below, the costs are listed in each case. 

• CAUTION: Please do not unsubscribe from our newsletters, otherwise your subscription would also automatically "invisible"! Subject to changes! If changes are actually necessary, you will be informed by email! Please register now!



After you have sent this registration to us - YOU will IMMEDIATELY receive an email back, in which YOU have to confirm your registration again. After you have confirmed this, you will receive another email - that everything is OK! All processes are automated. If you don't get a confirmation email then you may have entered your email address incorrectly, or your confirmation email has landed in your SPAM folder!


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