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Dear Vespisti,

  Zell am See, the Vespa capital of Austria, is once again ready for a wonderful, peaceful Vespafest!
In 2023, well over 1000 Vespisti from 19 nations were peacefully united in Zell am See!
For the 15th time, the VESPA ALP DAYS will take place in Zell am See and the wonderful alpine region in June 2024.
Join the whole VESPA ALP DAYS team and 1000 Vespisti from all over Europe at the biggest annual Vespa meeting.
annual Vespa meeting!
The whole VESPA ALP DAYS family meets for wonderful days in the city centre of Zell am See!
In 2024 under the motto RESPECT!
Respect for you, for me, for humans and animals, for our environment and our lifetime!
YOU are welcome in Zell am See, the Vespa capital of Austria!
Together we are the big, international VESPA ALP DAYS family!
and the VESPA ALP DAYS team

The programme structure in 2024:
Thursday 6 + Friday 7 + Saturday 8 + Sunday 9 June 2024
(Limited to 1000 participants! - The great Vespa experience with the whole Vespa family)

Saturday 1. to Wednesday 5. June 2024
(Great tours and evenings in small/small groups)
Traditionally our registration opens on 01.01.2024 at 00.00.00 
and will close at the latest on 31.3.2024 at 12.00.00 pm
If the limit of 1000 participants is reached earlier, registration will close earlier.
The entry fee is to be transferred to us free of charge immediately with the
transferred to us. Entries for which we have not received the entry fee after 10 days will be deleted.
will be deleted.
Each participant must register individually and use his/her own e-mail address.
mail address. NO mail address may be used more than once! Our registration system
allows each e-mail address to be used only once.
a second time, the first registration will be overwritten and lost!

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